Live Classes for 2022 Exams Now Running

What We Offer

Live lessons that have been designed specifically for the 2022 exams following the release of the advance information.  Our tutors all have lots of experience with AQA and are all examiners for this exam board.  We are currently offering masterclasses and exam workshops for GCSE Science. Please see below for information on these classes.

Exam Workshop

Our exam workshops are a 2 hour live lesson covering all content on the exam. We have used the pre-release material and our extensive experience to carefully construct the session for delivery in 2022.  Content is broken down into accessible sections and we discuss common exam questions that may come up and how to approach these.


Our Masterclass sessions are one hour long and are focussed on a specific topic from the AQA GCSE course. In the session there will be an in depth look at the content to help develop your understanding, followed by tips and exam questions to support you. Extra revision material will be provided to you after the session and is included in the cost of the session when you book.

How it Works

Our live lessons are run through a platform known as Crowdcast. Once registered and paid you will have direct access to the session page which includes a Q&A and chat function. To access the live workshop click return to the session page, or alternatively click on the link sent to you by email. During the workshop you can ask questions using the integrated chat function. The class will be recorded so that you can also watch it back in your own time.


A 1 hour masterclass costs £10. This will include a PDF download of the presentation, a selection of exam questions on the topic and some revision notes.


 Each 2-hour workshop is £20. This will include a PDF download of the content from the session as well as being able to re-watch the session again in your own time.

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